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Remove broken and obsolete EvtGen models
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The following EvtGen models have problems or are superseded by others and should probably be removed:

ModelDescriptionReasonLHCb DecFiles impact
EvtBHadronicAttempt at implementing hadronic decay amplitudesExperimental code that is not recommended to be usedNone
EvtMultibodyImplements a crude Dalitz plot model using only simple Breit-WignersUnknown decay file parameter syntax and superseded by other working Dalitz (and 4-body) modelsNone
EvtMBreitWigner, EvtMHelAmp, EvtMNode, EvtMParticle, EvtMRes, EvtMTree and EvtMTrivialLSHelper classes for EvtMultibodyNot needed after removal of EvtMultibodyNone
EvtLambdaB2LambdaVLambdaB to Lambda V, where V = J/psi, rho or omega (LHCb 2007)Kinematic variables that divide by pT which is zero in the LambdaB frame; invariant mass distributions exponentially increase up to an upper thresholdNone
EvtLb2LllLambdaB to Lambda ell ellSuperseded by the EvtRareLbToLll modelNone
EvtVPHOtoVVirtual photon to VectorNot used in EvtModelRegNone
EvtVPHOtoVISRVirtual photon to Vector gammaNot used in EvtModelReg and appears to be superseded by EvtVPHOtoVISRHi (which is available)None
EvtKstarstargammaKstar radiative decaysCode is broken and appears difficult to fix: see T178None
EvtbsToLLLLBs to 4 ell decays, ell = e or muBug fix with lepton amplitude loop suggests there could be other problems: T1602 files using BQTOLLLL
EvtbsToLLLLHyperCPBs to 4 ell decays HyperCP model, ell = e or mu, arXiv:1112.5230Model regularly fails accept/reject: T1604 files using BQTOLLLLHYPERCP
Evtbs2llGammaISRFSRBs to gamma ell ell decays, ell = e or muModel regularly fails accept/reject: T16013 files using BSTOGLLISRFSR
EvtPropSLPolesemi-leptonic decaysSLPOLE should be used in preferenceNone

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It looks like the VUB_AC model isn't registered in EvtModelReg - should it be removed?