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Model KSTARSTARGAMMA does not work correctly
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Model KSTARSTARGAMMA does not seem to work correctly as we discovered while preparing test in the new testing framework. Issue is with model as also old testing framework shows same behaviour. The test uses B0 --> K pi gamma decay with all events being generated with fixed K-pi invariant mass which looks like to be corresponding threshold. At some point old tests were ran and no issue was flagged, so I suspect it has been like this for quite some time. The code in the model is basically commented out with statement that it is completely broken. We might want to completely remove it or work out what it is supposed to do and fix it.

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Just looking at this model to decide whether or not to remove it, as per T200.

What's strange is the comment reads:

The EvtEvalHelAmp is completely broken...

but that class is also used by EvtPartWave and EvtHelAmp, which are pretty commonly used models IIRC, so it seems unlikely that the problem is there?

I also note that there is a suspicious looking line where a photon particle seems to be initialised with the wrong ID:

EvtPhotonParticle thePhoton;

I'm not sure what effect that would have.

Should I just remove this model or is it worth one of us trying to work out what's wrong with it?