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Initial setup for Doxygen generation
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Authored by tlatham on Wed, Feb 17, 7:29 PM.


Maniphest Tasks
T98: Doxygenate the code

Create necessary CMake configuration to automate generation of Doxygen documentation

Test Plan

Enabled generation of Doxygen with -DEVTGEN_BUILD_DOXYGEN=ON
Verified Doxygen pages were successfully generated

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rEVTGEN evtgen
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Build Status
Buildable 154
Build 154: arc lint + arc unit

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I've copied what is currently generated from this to the following page so that you can look at it more easily:

I've spotted one small issue that I'll try and fix: the full path to the files on my local system is quoted at the bottom of the pages rather than their relative path within the repository.

We should probably also reformat the README, AUTHORS, and History.txt files to be more compatible with Markdown format, then they'll display rather better within the Doxygen pages.

tlatham updated this revision to Diff 222.Thu, Feb 18, 2:43 PM
  • Fix stripping of paths
tlatham updated this revision to Diff 227.Tue, Mar 2, 12:03 AM
  • Start to convert various files to Markdown format