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Add EvtBcVPPHad model and updated EvtPhiDalitz to use helicity amplitudes
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Add EvtBcVPPHad model for Bc to Jpsi p pbar pi decays and generalise the particle ordering for EvtBcVHad decay files, courtesy of Aleksei Luchinsky, Dmitrii Pereima & Vanya Belyaev (LHCb). Code from LHCb Sim09 Gauss MR915.

Updated EvtPhiDalitz model to use helicity amplitudes and fixed the indices used in the EvtVector3R::dot() function, courtesy of Arnau Brossa Gonzalo & Antonio Romero Vidal (LHCb). Code from LHCb Sim09 Gauss MR971.

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Here are the JSON test distributions for the EvtBcVPPHad and EvtPhiDalitz model updates, which includes some comparisons with tests done by the previous LHCb code review:

There is a bug in the number of spin polarisation terms used for the J/psi amplitude in the LHCb Sim09 version of EvtBcVPPHad::decay(). It loops over 4 components when it should be only 3, which has been corrected in D100. This would need to be fixed for Sim09.