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Maximum probability required for VTOSLL EvtGen model
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The EvtGen decay model EvtVtoSll (VTOSLL) does not set a maximum decay probability. Choosing a value of 10 still produces "prob > probmax" warnings, since the probability distribution is peaked at low values but has a very long, extensive tail. Selecting higher max values reduces the accept/reject efficiency, eventually leading to just generating phase-space events.

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Example probability distribution for Dstar0 -> D0 e+ e- decay:

VTOSLLProb.png (409×710 px, 8 KB)
VTOSLLProb2.png (327×536 px, 5 KB)

Undefined max probability was set to 10.0 in commit a36bf4cd on the GitLab branch 1-complete-test-coverage-of-all-decay-models. However, this does not address the problem of larger probability values that can occur in the high tail region, as mentioned previously.

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The maximum probability is now set at 10, but we may want to revisit this model (reopening this task) in order to reduce the small but very long probability distribution tail that extends beyond 10.