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Fix double counting of channels with K0 and charmonia for B0 decays

Authored by kreps on May 10 2022, 2:10 PM.



Fixes issue that some of the decay of B0 to charmonia plus K0 were appearing twice, both with K0 and KS0/KL0. In these cases kept version with K0 and updated BFs close to PDG2021. To balance total BFs 4-quark configurations passed to Pythia are adjusted.

In the process adapted script to convert decay file to XML format to python3 and added two more helpers to count total BF for given particle and one to print decays of given particle containing specific daughters.

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No specific plans for testing as no test is needed or simple enough to do at this moment.

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kreps requested review of this revision.May 10 2022, 2:10 PM
kreps created this revision.

Thanks for these changes, Michal. Just to double-check, the PDG webpage has the following BFs for the psi(2S) and eta_c modes: 5.8e-4 and 8.0e-4. Do we need to use different values (6.2e-4 and 9.0e-4) to balance things owing to the pythia hadronisation modes? The pythia modes also have slightly larger BFs than before.

John, thanks for looking to this. The psi(2S) and eta_c modes are upped little bit (by about 1 sigma) in order to balance things up so that sum of all BFs is 1. From the same reason some of the pythia modes are increased.

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Thanks for these changes @kreps.
I have checked the consistency of the changes between B0 and B0bar and between the DEC and XML files and that all looks fine.
I also gave the two new scripts a quick try and they seem to work as advertised.
They are, however, missing the copyright section at the top. Ideally that section should also be updated to 2022 in the script, then it can be copied into the two new files.
What does "Guide mark calculation" mean in ArgumentParser description in the two new scripts? Could these be made a bit more descriptive?

Thanks for the clarification about the BF values chosen, Michal. I agree that all of the changes are OK. I will accept this revision after we finalise any required copyright/documentation changes to the scripts according to Tom's suggestions.

If you could also add to the an entry for D80 that would be great, I completely forgot to do that before landing it just now!

  • Update copyright in the scripts together with some small cleanup.
  • Update year in copyright

Thanks for checking. I updated/added copyright. Description in argparser was leftover from copy&paste, I updated it to correct description. D80 is in history.

Many thanks! Good to go as far as I'm concerned.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.May 11 2022, 5:51 PM
abudinen added inline comments.

I think that this decay could be also modified. In the PDG there is only the decay with K_S0
And it is 0.00000042.

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